Hacking Models?

So I got myself Blender, primarily because I wanted to hack together models to create new ones. However, Google doesn’t seem to want to help me, and I don’t exactly feel like asking a silly question in the ports and hacks thread.

Would anyone be able to provide me with some kind of tutorial or otherwise help me with this? I know I’ve asked various questions before, but I should be all set once I learn how to do this.

In my opinion, you should get 3dsmax. There are plenty of cool extensions for it, but I would suggest the export and import smd extensions.

If you get it(you can sign up for free as a studentwink wink) then pm me and I can tell you how to get a model together, just not compile it or anything like that.

Okey dokey.

Does that mean Blender is pretty useless for that then? I got myself Blender and I don’t know if I feel like going through the whole matter of getting 3dsmax now.

Not really, but just take note that a lot of tutorials involving smd files are used with max. Blender is pretty easy for beginners, but if you don’t mess with anything you shouldn’t have trouble with max.