Hacking on steam with evidence!

Today within 30 minutes two hackers went no clipping through multiple houses in our area. These two videos show Gabe Newell and Player who were playing on US East II walking through walls.

I expect these people to be banned as they, and others, are making the game unplayable.

Gabe Newell - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y0O_mzdsy0

Player - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRdyeIgvNdk

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

I don’t see how it’s unplayable if you are playing on the server. It may not be fair but it is still playable.

I think we both know what he ment, Whats the reason of playing the game if everytime u start a base and build a person would fly through ur base and kill u? This might as well be War Z all over if the hackers arent dealt with. No offence but that is how its going to end.

We are here to play the game not harvest supplies build a base to just get raided in the most unrealistic way ever:P

I can sit here and point out and point out but I think you got the point from his post lol

Hackers will still be around VAC integration is not working yet far as I know best thing you can do is record them and get the players Steam ID you can get this by hitting shift Tab in game and clicking “view players” and look up the profile of the player. then send the evidence and ID to Garry at.


I would get their steam ID too. Before they change it.

you need to post this on the hackers thread… making private threads for it only pisses of the forum mods as there is a global thread for it. delete this one and make a post with these videos and what time + timezone they did it so they can log and ban them

Maybe you guys recorded this before Steam?

But either way they are to be banned

VAC doesn’t ban hackers straight away, it’ll wait a couple of weeks after detection. This way they can give the illusion that it’s undetected and take more hackers out.

I’m on the same server… I keep seeing people talk about Gabe Newell and pizza on chat. I hope they get extinguished very soon.

I don’t even think VAC is enabled yet.