Hacking on Washington server...

So yesterday this guy flew up near my house then through the window. Destroyed my main chest took everything. I fortified my base with code locks hoping to prevent that. Today I think the same guy came back to my area travelling super fast near the ground and was shooting me and killed me and took all my loot. At this point it is bothering me too much to keep playing knowing any second a hacker comes by I will lose everything. I am sure I am not the only one encountering this game breaking problem. Please look into this!

May I suggest you try either a good community server or try playing on the dev official servers. Both are pretty much hacker free, and the dev branch is just like playing on live only you get new updates more often.

Same things happening on official seattle… didn’t get screen caps or names but saw one guy jump several stories into the air, and another speed-running through the desert like he was the flash…

There’s at least 2 guys I know of for sure that have been using speed/jump hacks at least a week straight now. I’ve seen them multiple times flying around and getting to airdrops before anyone else. If I had a gun maybe I could kill them : /

Bums be out because I can’t get decent pings on high pop community servers. I like to play with populations above 75 most of the time.

There is a specific person that was bragging about his hacking yesterday on Seattle… ESP, Speed hack, and flying… I wont name specific names, but the guy was moving around like “The Flash”, all around the map.

uh. at this point with the popularity of this game, I think its a good time to work on the anti cheat. To me if this happens everyday I don’t even want to launch the game. Haven’t played with so many hackers completely ruining the game in many many years :frowning:

I tend to play on quieter servers with active admins that can ban hackers as soon as they are seen doing their tricks. I tried the official servers and a couple of busy community servers, and see guys streaking across the landscape and jumping several stories high like they’ve got a rocket stuck up their ass, then walking through walls and looting our shit. Makes it pointless to play on those servers IMO.

I really enjoy the brutality of the Official servers, but definitely a bad place if you want to avoid hackers.

I was standing peacefully cooking some human meat inside my wooden cube when suddenly out of nowhere I died. There was no attempt at breaking into my cube as there were no sounds. I was not getting damage from the fireplace. I suspect there was a teleportation hack. This kind of abuse is not acceptable and completely destructive for the game and its future.

thread is pointless EAC/VAC deal with this not forum mods nor Garry( at the moment)

banning steam accounts and IPs are essentially the same thing as doing nothing at all. Looking at you VAC.
Dumb? through the steam family sharing system you have virtually unlimited copies of rust. they can’t be played at the same time but every new steam account will have rust and they will have 0 VAC bans. they will be able to play rust with the same hacks that are installed on the computer. This is pretty obvious and well known.
and IPs can be changed just as easy

this mode of hack control is 0% effective

Enjoy the game while you can. This is the nature of the popular MMO PC game. Eventually the game will be over run with hackers and it will be time to move on to the next game. The closest they have come to protecting the popular game is the console.

Frank is right as he states above…

Hackers need validation and feed on popular sites. Safe play comes from obscurity in the PC online realm. Go to popular sites for mayhem and encounters with the dark side.

I’m not happy about hackers but I don’t necessarily agree it will be overrun with hackers.

Its pretty much as Frank has stated, the most annoying thing is not having a fair chance to get the airdrops. I think there are 3 or 4 hackers but I can’t say they have impacted my gameplay much in the least. If you are shy one guns, hit me up sometime Frank we’ve got a full arms trade going up here :slight_smile:

spiritchill, I hope you realize that the devs are not putting a ton of effort into closing exploits at the moment. It’s certainly something they’re doing when the opportunity arises, especially if exploits are directly tied to bugs in systems being worked on (like, say, the cupboard radius exploits while the cupboard is still actively being tweaked), but it is not their top priority.

Actually building the game’s mechanics out and testing what does and doesn’t work is their current priority (well, for the coders; the concept artists are obviously doing their own thing, and so on). The old name for this version, experimental, is descriptive of the alpha stage of a game. Entire segments of code might get tossed out as the devs rework something because their initial idea wasn’t as good as the one they have after testing and player feedback.

If the code for a new feature took a day to design and write, and then a week later garry spent two days fixing the exploits hackers had found, and then two weeks later the entire thing gets thrown out to start over with an even better design, that’s two days wasted for a mere two weeks of less hacking in servers.

Now, on the other hand, say, five months from now, garry comes in and devotes two days to tightening up all the bolts and filling in the gaps on building, once the building system’s been fairly decided, that would probably not be a waste of time. At that stage the tradeoff is a couple days of time for months to years of less building exploits and hacks.

The devs know how to tackle exploits in the game, it’s a matter of when and if it’s worth their time. An ambitious game like Rust is a huge undertaking, and it’s just as important to practice good time management and prioritization as it is to do quality work on any given task. What you do, when, is as important as how good of a job you do when you do it.

For example, take Elite: Dangerous. Because their crowdfunding could only get them so far, they had to launch as a 1.0 game now. I’m not knocking the game, but at the moment it suffers from a lack of content and features. The devs have published plans to have walking around in your ship, walking around in space stations and on planets, and flying around on the surfaces of planets, among tons of other things, but those are all things that aren’t ready to go live with now and probably not for a year or two. On the other hand, from a technical standpoint, the content that they have made so far is fairly well-polished; the flight model is pretty solid and debugged, and there aren’t tons of reports of horrible tech support issues everywhere, so it’s reasonably stable and solid.

The ED devs made a decision at some point, probably looking at the financial reports, to get all of the features from the 1984 original Elite working, and then lock the design down and polish and bug test for the 1.0 launch. I think they decided it was best to launch as bug-free and polished as possible, even if there isn’t that much to do yet, rather than ship a game with more things to do but for it to be a buggy, crashing mess, which is smart in my opinion.

It all comes down to deciding which of the tons of things that need to be done is the most important to finish by whatever deadline you have set for yourself (for garry, I imagine he makes a list of things he wants to get done for the weekly update).

And let’s remember that VAC and more importantly EAC are on the case, and bans are being handed out. Are these anticheats 100% effective? Of course not and they never will be, but they’re catching people. (I’ve seen the threads of eac knubbe confirming EAC bans on cheaters.)

Even more well know now well done. :suicide:

I have been playing games for a long time about 10-15 years. And I know most games have hacks but they get taken care of rather quick/ banned. Playing all the COD games, BF games, League, Starcraft. Crimecraff, etc. And It did not ruin the game like it is when a hacker comes your way in this game. I bought this game for me and my brother and we spend over 100 hours in the first week just playing the shit out of this game cause its super fun. But when you lose everything to some hacker flying around 2 times in 2 days… Its like the whole point of the game is ruined and thrown out the window. At this point in my opinion it needs to be addressed quick. Other bugs that bother game play and frustrate people aren’t as bad as losing everything in unfair battle vs a hacker. I havent had this ridiculous feeling since I can remember. Its like really? Everything we worked can be lost just randomly cause of a hacker. This is super crucial at this point.

How about you list games in alpha, not finished games, when making comparisons? This game isn’t even 20% finished. Yes, there are problems, but of course there will. Would you walk onto the concrete foundations of a house and complain that you’re getting rained on when the walls and roof aren’t even put up yet?

Wipes are a fact of life, and you should expect them every week or two. A hacker randomly coming by and messing your shit up is just a more annoying version of a wipe. Does it suck to get fucked with by a hacker? Yes, they’re shitty losers who’re replacing self-esteem with mean-spirited trolling. However, your expectations of permanency and durability seem to be too high for the current state of the game.

Rust is fun but very much unfinished, and you may not have expected how unfinished it still is. However, it’s not going anywhere out of your Steam library.

I knowledge what you are saying and I kept that in mind that it is in alpha. But since we all have paid full price for the game and are playing this game and showing support I feel in my own opinion that at this point in alpha dealing with hacking should up there in priority list. It is a major ruiner for me with the experience I’ve had with hackers so far. No I’m not one of those noobs complaining when they get owned and call hacks. I’m talking about dudes flying in the sky into your building warping around the field and killing you and taking everything you worked for in weeks. It just a huge problem in my opinion going forward. And I hope this is fixed before release.

it will be fixed eventually. but right now, i would rather they finish the game than stop production to close up some loopholes hackers are abusing; especially when those holes might be reopened almost instantly when something changes in the game again, which it is guaranteed to do.

its not crucial at all, infact if they spent time, fixing these loopholes and not fixing bugs and implementing new content then you would all moan that there is no content and that, that is crucial.