Hacking RCON password

Some guy in my server made something in wire that when you press the button it tried to hack the rcon password then you get disconnected and banned from the server. How do i unban those who got banned? Under what file are they located?

The file is banned_users.cfg in the /cfg/ folder.

Nice button though. Have give him credit. :slight_smile:

I fell for something dimilar once, but it didn’t ban me, it just forced the say command to say
“I am a noob who tried to hack this server and failed!”

I choose to see what it did as me an anotehr user couldn’t access the entire expression for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

All you do is make a “Conna command box” Set it to what you want it to do. e.g say I am a dumbshit. That would come out as Example: I am a dumbshit.

LOL what server was this?

but how to hack RCON of a server?
beacuse the admin of a server is alot of abuser and the clan no made any i think (last 5 days server is disapeared, i dot know if the clan has been demoted them)

This isn’t a thread about actually hacking RCON passwords, y’know.

You can get banned for that.

Hi huys, i really need help, this week “somebody” was trting to enter to my server several times, i change my rcon port and password to “hello$&&(/%$1325fgt43?='0¡098=/&(!”

But this guy continue accesing to my server… Write via command “say” and stop the server or free items to the players (bla bla bla), this is the information that i have, anybody can tell me what i could do?

5 times accesing in 2 days… I really dont know what to do. Wulf what do you think in your experience?

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this isn’t the rust forum, this is a thread in the garry’s mod forum from 2008
you need to go here: https://lab.facepunch.com/rust