Hacking Triumph

My friend, being the owner of a child friendly server based on the gamemode DarkRP, is constantly targeted by pricks who enjoy to mess with anyone they can get their hands on.
In this case it’s him every day when he does a reset, and apparalently a lot of other servers too.


I found it to be humorous the first time around, but as it became more consistent, the hours he spent sitting on his ass working on the server all was just a waste of time and effort.
If anyone has seen this before, and knows how to prevent this, please let me know.

LOL this just happened to another server not to long ago. Probably a leaked script that you are using.

Strictly purchased scripts unfortunately.

Mind sharing all of your addons that you use, post a link to your servers workshop collection as well.


This is my server. I will put together a list of everything I used. I guess you gotta be careful what you buy on coderhire.com/scriptfodder.com. It happened twice. Not sure how they are doing this but I had to fix my server for hours two times right in a row. Below is one of the kids I was talking to that said “watch your sql get deleted”.

That’s rbreslow; he’s permabanned from these forums for a reason.

Here’s the link to my workshop collection that I used on my server. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=315322629

The list of addons from coderhire/scriptfodder:

It doesn’t matter. He’s using a bypass.

Just posting, you never know. Is this a DLL injection?

It could be a number of things. sv_allowupload, sv_allowcslua/cheats bypass, backdoor’d addon, etc

I went to that guys profile and clicked join game, the servers loading url shows “WHY MUST THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT BECOME INVOLVED IN OUR INTERNAL AFFAIRS” with a picture of Obama. He is just going to any server and doing it.

Ya I was talking to him on steam and he told me hes just going to jump servers and do it to them all. He said he plays at starbucks.