Hacking has ruined this game. I am not an admin on the server I play but the admin is very vocal with what he does on his server. He spent the majority of the evening banning individuals only to have them pop back on the server moments later. After banning quite a few people, the server was DDOS attacked. The admin eventualy logged off and admitted he will still play to continue banning people but wont be actually trying to play the game because of the hacking problem.

Individuals have hacks that let them wear admin armor which makes you invisible and they noclip through walls.

I want to rent my own server but am afraid at this point that I will have no control over what is going on. Via DDOS or hackers being able to reconnect after a ban. This game has a lot of potential but the hacking problem is too large for a game this size. VAC bans seem to be effective to a degree but not enough to put a dent in the amount of hackers.

I wont be playing this game until something is done about this issue.

ahh, so the invisible thing was a hack! I thought it was a glitch. The “hacker” I met was in my first hour playing (after several quick deaths by zombies and bears) and was actually super cool. He gave me food, a sleeping bag, a hatchet, bow, planks and some foundations. It really is what got me started and into the game.

I started to then randomly give people items and food since I actually could make them and wanted to help people like that guy helped me. It got to be more difficult after getting brained by a guy with a rock and losing all my stuff.