Hacknet Development

Hello everybody!
I don’t usually post here a lot - I mostly just lurk sometimes, but I figured I’d make this thread to gather a larger audience and/or feedback.

For the past ~6 months I’ve been working on and off on a gamemode recreation of a standalone, single-player hacking game, called Hacknet, created by Matt Trobbiani.

The game Hacknet is an immersive, terminal-based hacking simulator with an engaging story, which you should all totally check out by the way, here: Hacknet on Steam
The gamemode Hacknet plans to, too, be an immersive, terminal-based hacking simulator, that attempts to recreate the original game’s look and feel along with all of its features and quirks as best as it can while optimizing and altering it to suit a dynamic, fun, and engaging multiplayer environment.

The goal of this project is to create a gamemode that resembles the game Hacknet as closely as possible and introduce a dynamic player-driven multiplayer world.

I am the only person working on this project at this time, usually once or twice per week. I am unsure as to if and when this project will be complete, or if the concept will even work out in the first place or end up being just a tech demo, but only time can tell for certain.

Below is some media of recent progress - there is a LOT more but they are somewhat outdated or a bit less imporant, so I won’t bother posting them here. If anyone wants to see more, learn more information about the project, or just get in touch with the rest of the community currently involved with it, feel free to join our Discord server!

I’ll be posting more content as further progress is made. Please feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions you may have here or in our discord, linked above!