Hacks already :\

Well as of now I am being hatcheted to death by someone who is either speed hacking or someone doing cocaine. DeadSnipe is the guy doing it. It’s pretty hard to capture a browser based game so I can’t provide any definite proof. It seems that I am not the only one having this issue either. So anyone who can vouch for me please do so.

Yep, I can vouch for deadsnipe being totally suspicious, flying around and hatcheting 5 times a second.

It’d be great if there were actually administrators, MaxofS2d only popped on for a few minutes and left.

Not sure if it was a hacker or not but last time I played some guy started coming to my hideout every single night to try and bash down my door with his hatchet. Anyway the second night he broke the door down and ran through the door so of course I emptied my whole 9mm clip into him and it did fucking nothing. Then he lagged forward and hit me two or three times with a Axe and I died. I even managed to empty part of second clip into him and he still did not die.

Either he was hacking or the game balance is fucking retarded and a hatchet is more dangerous then a gun.

Hahaha. That was me, and I can assure you I wasn’t hacking. Although I do admit I had placed myself in such a way so I could see you through the wall. I was waiting for you to come out that entire time, and I was really thinking of running in once the door broke and when it got dark, but once I saw you light the campfire, I went for it.

Up close, the hatchet is better than any gun. Hands down. The best thing for you to do is try to build a house where you can make a second-story battlement which overlooks your only entrance and take potshots from safety.

I feel your pain about shooting someone who is lagging out of control, though. I’ve been killed many times by someone who I can’t hit, but can sure as hell hit me.

I knew that you were waiting but suspected that you would try to run in and chop blindly once it got pitch black and I would not be able to see you so I lit the fire to provoke you into taking a run at me.

I was going to stay In that little bunker for days and days since I had more then enough food to survive for that long and plenty of comfy.

If that’s the case then guns seriously need a buff. In a real life anarchy/apocalypse scenario nobody in their right mind would dare charge a guy with a gun when he did not have one.

This same guy killed me a few times too, a guy called lawl is doing the same thing.

Yeah. lawl just killed me a few times as well.

Just reporting that a fellow named “Mossimo” is also a hacker, using speedhacks to move and attack insanely fast.

Add 2 new names to the list because if you set up a decent compound and fend off their aggression on their none hack accounts, they’ll long into these and come through your walls, floors and from the sky at break neck speeds! Speedhacking, No clip and machinegun like hatchets. Racy and Jas1137 are both confirmed hackers. Only thing worse than griefers or rather, people just doing what people do with this sort of freedom is hackers. So unfortunate that people can’t just enjoy what they get, be a raider and work together with a partner, live off the land and survive or band together and work honestly. Whatever it takes, but for the love of god, don’t be a baby and use hacks just because you don’t get what you want. GGz… Still a fun game though if I could only get my compound up… might rebuild but eh, all they do is come through and destroy your barricades and then kill you repeatedly and take your stuff. A mule account for one of these hackers is Racymule. They’ll use it to move the loot quickly so you’ll have nothing left.

The hatchet hack is back i believe, someone has found a way to use a uber hatchet without being a admin.

uber hatchet or it could be cheat engine, as I recall it has a speed hack function.

last post was the 17th of june, why are you even back this far? this was cheat engine, not uber hatchet.