Hacks are overwhelming.

Hello everyone, since the last 2-3 days Offical servers are nearly unplayable you always get instakilled by people with bows which dont even need arrows for it doesnt matter if they are 100 or 600 meter away.
Is there anything Garry is doin?
I mean I guess im not the only one which is gettin killed around 20 times in one hour playin…
Is it so hard to sort that out - I mean there are even sites which offer you this crazy hack for free and it seems to be safe since the amout of hackers is exploding last few days.
I would really love to hear a statement or smth like that

Also…am I allowed to post links to the sites which I found where you can get all that shit?

Chill. The game is only in Alpha…

Probably best you don’t post links.

Nope, do not post links to hacking websites… There’s also an official hacker/exploit thread. You need to go there. You will get in trouble for creating new threads for something like this.

Check out the sticky FAQ at the top of the list before posting.