Hacks, Hacks everywhere, Can it be stopped?

I always knew some players were up to no good, cause their play style was just inhuman/artificial. Last night i confirmed it, i got mixed up with someone really nice which was using hacks. He demonstrated what he was able to do, yeah it felt like a trip back to legacy non-steam version, where everyone had to have JackeD trainer just to be able to compete :frowning: . He told me he got fed up with player abusing him with hacks, so ended up giving into the darkside :(. He pointed out a few hackers right of the bat to me, since hackers always go a straight path to resources or players with resources . he was able to use his ESP past 400m , he was able to identified what weapon they was holding. Aimbot is not a problem since the program calculate bullet travel time and drop distance, so unless player your shooting avoid a straight path he will be dead. Players can still avoid by not maintaining a straight line path, since we know bullets are not instant hit :slight_smile:

I am sure many of you are aware of hacks in rust, the most worst part is the those who hack control and abuse other players that don't use hacks. This hacks are not public, and they are not free , They are sold as membership with hacks for other games as well. They range from $20-$50+ a month, The only way to have a fair game is withing the first few hours of a patch. Since the hacks can take between 3-12 hours to update to current patch. 

I know what you guys are thinking, but i always see user kicked/banned from serer by anti-cheat. This might filter some hackers, outdated hacks, or even those hackers who abuse to the point where they don't even care about being caught anymore.

How can a regular player compete against someone with hacks?, if they can jump higher, fly, no-clip, run faster, Aim-bot, and have ESP on demand.
i know devs are doing what they can to keep hackers out, but it’s nearly impossible unless every server have active admins 24hrs.

Just in case you guys are getting rekt by a player over and over again , don’t give up or rage quit, just ignore them and have fun cause most likely they are using hacks. I just wish there was a way to filter out this hacks. By all means guys don’t use hacks, don’t give money to those programmers making a living on making codes to destroy a fun game.

Play in a community server, with active admins.

For example, last night I banned this player from my server: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rvDEDZnKIA

Yeah but i like vanilla servers with at least 60+ active players playing alone is not fun. but i will look for a community server since official server rarely have active admins.

this is when the system bans them, when they abuse it like this :frowning: and if they don’t, they can play patch after patch with no bans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BYXNPFoEtw

The tough part is that while banning them sure helps out a ton, it doesn’t attack the root problem. I believe some changes have been made in the right direction to stop some of these problems. IE the gun sway, random shot trajectories.

As long as there is a market, people will continue hacking the game.

In the future however, I see Rust evolving for the better. Sure a kid can run a script that makes his mouse aim at the nearest persons head, but will that really matter if the person is moving? In most FPS games that may work, but in Rust the slower bullet speed makes it so you have to aim ahead of the person to hit them.

Just give them time to work things out. They will eventually implement code and game-play that makes some of these hacks not as effective.

Game lacks progression system. I can rage with assault rifles right from the start. It may be a leveling system or aging system that another player mentioned in other post. High level weapons should be used by more leveled or aged characters. There would be significant decrease in people who just buys new rust account for 4 dollars and go on a killing spree. I could be making 20 dollars an hour. But I can’t level my character enough in an hour and i can not risk it when it becomes able to use high end weapons.

I would prefer hackers with bows rather than rifles.

There are plenty of vanilla community servers with 60+ players. You’ve obviously never actually looked for one if you made that statement.

couldn’t there be some server-side automatic monitoring of player’s position, at least, which would ban someone based on their calculated velocity?
a change in player positive altitude of a 100 meters in 1s should be easily detected.
player moving horizontally high over the terrain mesh (flying), also should be trackable automatically.

server-side, this would be independent of any hacks unless someone hacked the server :slight_smile:

Perhaps the hacks mask that information.

I think they already ban speedhackers and fly hackers by using that information. Problem is it’s not automatic. Maybe they have a reason for that.

ESP is the worst because when used by someone who isn’t being stupid with it, it’s very hard to detect. In a game where a solo or small group’s strategy is so dependent on stealthy travel and obfuscation of one’s base, ESP is especially bad. IMO, the client is given way too much information. For example, there is no reason a client should know about a chest surrounded by stone walls behind a rock.

It’s pretty dumb that the “solution” to the problem is to play on unofficial servers. It shouldn’t be that way. There are a few people on my server that I know by name. Everyone knows them by name. If I log on and see them on, I just log back out and play something else. If I stay, it means I have to harvest and spend materials in very small amounts. Build up anything even moderately large and you’re guaranteed a headshot from nowhere. It’s sad.

Anyone seen the latest hack? Keep getting killed by people who can shoot arrows at automatic speeds. Happened twice already tonight. Added two new names to my list and logged off. Gonna go play some Starcraft, I guess. At least there, when I get beat, I know it was a fair fight.

Seriously how hard is it for the server to go “Hold on, you can’t be that high in the air constantly!”

Not very, and there are mods that do it pretty well. I suspect FP hasn’t put anything in yet because changes to jumping or climbing code, or the occasional ‘pop you into the air bugs’ like we’ve had in the past could all trigger false positives without heavily testing each change against the detection code.

London Dev mode is rife with hacks. Guys with ESP, aimbot and sound/speed hacks. its so infuriating, hundreds of hours wasted

Players barry white, - chronix - tomoose

A failed check against flying wouldn’t have to mean an immediate ban. If the server suspected someone was flying around, it could just put them on the ground or log them out. Then false positives would not be a problem and people cheating in this way would stop.

“it could just put them on the ground”

Ha, the hack devs are so clever, they’d probably turn this into some way of super jumping on to people’s rocks/bases.

You do have a point though that it doesn’t have to be autoban. An autokick maybe, with a 3-5 strikes you are out rule, or some kind of notice to the admin to investigate perhaps.

My base was raided today by a flyer hacker on Amsterdam 3, all chest empty, nothing broke and my password was hard to guess.

this is the second time that happens.

CAN WE PLEASE FIND A SOLUTION ?!! I’m pretty MAD right now !!
Active Admin on official server or AUTO-BAN but “enough is enough”

i will say find a player who uses hacks, and try to be friends with them, it will be hard to do since those players don’t need anybody or items, but some of them get tired of using hacks and might have you tag along to make it more fun, giving you all the loot and resources while protecting u. that’s not the best way but at least you will stand a chance. good luck and don’t give up or give into hacks

I could not more strongly disagree with the above suggestion.