Hacks important in aplha stage?

Hello fellow facepunchers,
Aren’t hacks important in the aplha/beta stage?
Like this Garry can take out most hacks before everyone has acces to the game.
So what are your opinions?

In terms of banning people?

In terms of fixing it?

Yes thanks for bringing that to light also but i actually stated that by saying taking them out.

The way I see it is that hackers who are there to help the development will tell the game devs as soon as they find something, and won’t use them to gain an advantage. That said a lot of times hackers have a big ego, and feel that they aren’t being heard if they don’t get a response right away. In order to have their “show stopping hack” fixed they will release it to the public so that it becomes a priority. At least that’s what I think is going on.

Also anyone with basic computer knowledge can do the speed hack, I am not surprised either because I believe that an anti cheat is one of the last things to go into a game. Plus it will probably be covered by VAC anyway, and if not they may go with gameguard or one of the other popular 3rd party anti-cheats. Yes they all have workarounds but very few people know how to do it and they get fixed quickly after release. The hackers will be no worse in the final version of the game than any other game – hackers who make their own workarounds and never release them.

so far we have no “real” hacks for the game.

cheatengine is a simple program and since the game is being developed and anti cheats are not as important as say making the game run. kids are just using this to speedhack (when you see a speedhacker)

only other problem is N-stepping (disconnecting internet to teleport/kill then reconnecting)

both these problems are easy fixes and the devs will take care of it when the time comes. right now they have better things to do and hacking in a closed alpha isnt really a problem. we are not here to play and win, we are just testing.

Theres other people who are going through walls as well:

Brian Kabella

Lag switching is may be a simple fix, idk why people call it ninja stepping, its lag switching. Just make the location stuff server side. That will get most of the speedhack/lagswitching over with.

Also /do unstick needs to only be when you’re standing still. some guys guys were running and did it, just to get away with all of our loot.

It’s funny that laziestnoob is saying hes not playing to win, when hes going around taking peoples loot, getting chased, and using /do unstick so he gets farther away from us.

Hacks can be important to the alpha stage, if the people are actually reporting it, and not using it to their advantage without ever saying anything about it.

Anyone who believes these people are hacking for the benefit of the game are retarded. These kids are hacking for advantage, will never help the devs and will result in lower population in game. I’ve seen about 20-30% less players logged in over the last few days since the hacking began. After a hacker raided our base through all the metal doors and took our stuff whilst we were farming I doubt many of us will play much anymore. I am more than happy to help test a product but I also have very limited game time per day and want it to at least be fun. This hacking removes the fun in the game…

Lol seriously? It’s a fucking ALPHA. Of course this shit is beneficial. It gets fixed and it isn’t there through later versions. You’re the retarded one here.

And they’ll lose it when it gets fixed and they get banned.

So, you’d prefer a bunch of dickless hackers in the final release? Yeah, okay, that’s logical.

Have you even seen how much damn hype this game has? I severely doubt hackers in early alpha is going to destroy a game’s reputation.

That’s interesting because the game always has around a constant 100 people or so playing for the longest time, including now.

A’ight, go ahead and let an alpha destroy the game for you. I almost did that with CS:GO and it turns out that game wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Fair enough.

Only if you’re unlucky. I haven’t encountered a single hacker yet.

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So, what’s the problem when all I did was answer the fucking question you asked?

Idk so much in Alpha stage, because in Alpha the game is still practically being built and added on to, maybe in beta where everything is more solid and built, and they are adding the finishing touches, then they have a lot more to focus on finding hackers, how they hacked, and patching the problem. So alpha, probably not, but hackers, as much as they are hated, are somewhat necessary to point out issues, but we still hate them lol.