Hacks or luck?

From the time i’ve played in this game, to me this honestly looks like hacks, that kinda damage from a shotgun at that range I believe can only be achieved with some sort of no spread or aimbot, although I suppose it could just be lucky. What do you guys think of this?

It might’ve been luck; I don’t know exactly how the health system works, so I could be wrong though. If you slow it down, it looks like you take a smaller hit down to 30~, then a second hit kills you (could be a lucky few pellets to the head). That’s Rust Legacy though: Hacks or lucky? xD

Your shot on that wolf was hax.

54 health, 20 hit from guy on right took you to 34, pipe to the head finished you.

Looked pretty standard to me.

Yeah I noticed my health got hit, I’m going to test later today from 20m if a shotgun can take down that kinda hp, none the less it still looks very very fishy.

Oh my mistake. I thought was a pipe shotgun. That would clock you easy from there. Regular shotgun that looks about distance. Guess he got lucky and domed you at max range.

Pipe has a range of 60m It can hit you pretty hard ór none will hit you he maybe had luck with that shot but you would die in that situation anyways

Yeah it was a normal shotgun, not a pipe. I’m thinking he is hacking, I don’t think its possible.

if you have much luck youre Salve will make a glorious Hit on 20m

I Killed a Full kev in a One Shot.

about 15 everything hit him.

There is no hack that increases the range of Weapons.
If he had a hack maybe speed but i dont think so you died unlucky

There are hacks for no spread I believe, so all shotgun pellets can hit in a single spot, and aimbot would have the same effect. So I really do not think this was luck.

hacking, it is silent aim with shotgun