Hacks? or not?

A lot of people(mainly those in the accused “hackers” group) and myself got into a debate on my server as to whether or not the person who killed me was hacking or not. To me, having played over 750 hours of Rust, this seemed like a clear as day no recoil hack. He killed me from a decent distance in less than one second. 4 shots. 1 second. I can hardly click my mouse 4 times in 1 second… and to think he had to adjust from recoil after each shot and still managed to connect? Sure… I was standing still so I wasnt a hard target… but yeah.

Dude I know how u feel I have died by so many hackers and they always seem to get away with it. Whenever I am op on a server I always get attacked I kill someone in hacker valley and they seem to just run up behind me and kill me. So dude I’m on your side.

Join us at UGN if you don’t want hackers getting away with it! If they do slip through the net and you lose anything you will be compensated for it :slight_smile:

How can you accuse hacks when you didn’t even see the player? For all you know he was close to you on a rock or something. I can fire 4 bullets into another person in a second as long as they’re within a medium distance and not moving… And I suck at FPS games.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened. Look around in the first few seconds the house him and his friend are on is surrounded by rocks that are as high as the building. Someone clearly snuck up on OP and got an easy shot off.

Shooting a still target is easy. Hold down left click whilst pulling your mouse downwards

ALWAYS checky our surroundings when you’re going to loot a backpack ! Especially if you are going to be the top of a tower surrounded by rocks.

Also i can clearly noticed he controlled the recoil by simply shooting 1 bullet at once. Either he scrolled down while shooting or he’s simply on medium-close range and by the sound of his shot he’s quite nearby.

he missed a bunch of shots dude.

The only shot he missed was the one after I was dead. 5 shots were fired, I was dead after the 4th one. This guy was banned from the server for no recoil hacks and I found out today that he was also vac banned.

Ah well then it’s good that he got caught but still what happened to you wasn’t something weird at all .Those bullets could’ve been fired by a legit player as well . You were standing still .

I shoot people in rapid succession…and I do find that usually when I don’t miss a 3 or 4 shot cluster, that’s when people assume I’m hacking. Also the shots came from your 3:30-4 oclock. Barricade your sides while looting bags, hombre.

lol… if you can’t do exactly what he did to you then you are pure garbage. That was incredibly easy what he did to you… I’m just surprised he didn’t do what I usually do and headshot then one body shot which is way easier with m4, not that 4 consecutive shots on a still target is much harder… and you can’t click 4 times in one second? Jesus.

You don’t even need to click your mouse… you just spray and look down with mouse to counteract the recoil. l2p.

So what you say is, you do not allow any decent players on your server? Only people who likes to gather resources and build cute little bases?

To OP:
I would say this is no recoil. Its from a decent range, i would not be suspcious if the shots were +0.2 seconds interval on each shot.

So if this was happening on your server you were banning that player ? + the shots were fired kinda at 0.2 from each other .