Hacks - Prevention rather than the cure

The recent statement from facepunch left me and friends feeling quite upset with thier approach on stopping hackers. VAC does indeed ban people but doesn’t stop them creating a new account to avoid said ban. And with the game been only £15 it’s not hard to rebuy. Also by going with the VAC ban (cure) method you let the hackers ruin your game until the vac ban kicks in. Which is usually months if not more (from experience with vac games, cs, css, tf2, cs:go). By putting out this statement you’ve also green flagged the people who develop hacks to keep doing so as they know they can now make a profit from selling these as people will be able to use them for atleast a month and not shut down thier work immediately.

I’m a programmer myself and was always taught that prevention is better than the cure when it comes to these things. Please Facepunch put some time in to preventing this and safeguarding your game so we can enjoy rust in all it’s glory. Obviously you can’t prevent every exploit immediately but when stuff like this shows up it should be a top priority to put what preventative measures you can ingame.


if(user.UsingHackTool(CheatEngine, true));{

then just write the hack code
public void ban(){
garry’s code to ban here

Pproblem solved

it must be hard as fuck for them though, people want new content now. people are suck of bugs now. people are sick of hackers now. no matter what they focus on, lots of people lose. I’m happy to take this order

Hack Prevention > Bug Fixing > Optimizing > Content

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if it were that easy we would all be richhh

Obviously it’s not easy and you can’t prevent all hacks off the go. But you can put measures in to reduce them, then when new hacks come to light address them. Not just put a blanket statement out saying you’re leaving it to VAC.

And yes there’s lots for them to do right now. But if they don’t address hacks then everything else will suffer.