Hey guys. Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this, I’m kinda new here.

So I have rented a server and Last night some of my friends raided a large camp. The players they raided have been in my server since i got it, which is roughly 10 days now. They are reasonably nice kids, but this is where it gets funny.
Halfway through the raid (they were home) after they had died multiple times, they just stopped taking damage completely. Headshot after headshot no damge. Now, my friends thought maybe something happened server side, but then
they started getting picked off.

So my question is, does anyone know of any hacks or scripts that these kids could have been using and why, if I had truth.enforce set to true nothing was detected?

Unfortunately I wasn’t playing so there is no video evidence. ( I record all my battles and raids to prove I’m not abusing admin abilities, I want to keep players on my server)

Thanks guys.

Can you not just ban the people who were presumed to be hacking?

yes theres hacks, and no theres nothing you can do about it at the moment.

I have to wait for them to log back in to ban them unfortunately. It sucks though, I actually liked those players. Until they cheated.

Post a video, not sure if there are hacks that modify values. I’m assuming health is server sided?

Protip: In the future, have more admins to keep a lookout. Best to find people around the globe, so you have 24/7 moderation. Those servers are the ones that play the cleanest.

Thanks, jonnymad. I might have to chase some more admins. Just hard to find players who wont abuse their privileges…

I might be a good candidate :v: I have been looking for a permanent server to play on, but I end up playing on a ton of different ones, and I would enjoy finally settling down. If you are interested, feel free to give me a PM

No worries. Ill have to see what happens with all this DDOS bullshit. The company I’m renting off has a pretty strict policy on that and I’ll likely lose my server :frowning:

Fair enough, I hope you get your issue solved.

I would only ban them if you were absolutely 100% sure they’re using hacks because I guarantee you there is no godmode hacks out there that you claim or are easily accessible. If this is the case, then they most likely developed it themselves, but even then, that’s hard to believe.

Look into the whole desync/ghosting bug, where players knowingly use being desynced from the server to essentially run around invisible still able to shoot while their body remains untouchable/invincible in whatever spot they desynced from the server. Could have simply been lag and they didn’t even know they were desynced, so definitely listen to Electroflux and don’t be too ban happy on your own servers’ players.

Thanks guys, I’ve spoken to the offending players and they assure me it was a glitch or something. So benefit of the doubt i guess.

Always give players the benefit of the doubt, but I highly recommend you keep an eye on them for a while just in case.

I will be.