had an idea (doctor who server)

I have looked for a doctor who server and been surprised… that I cannot find none… as for me I like doctor who and know lots of people who do… so was looking for a server, but the idea I had is to create one, I seen on youtube people showing the tardis… flying and everything, only issue is… I am the guy with the IDEA’S not coding and stuff like that… I have asked many people on steam and such, and in doctor who fan groups if there was a doctor who server they would play it,

this is for garry’s mod btw, it seems to have great potential and would like people who could help.

You’re not telling us exactly what you want. If you ever want people to make you a gamemode, you need to be more specific and have shitloads of money in your Paypal because most coders on Facepunch make you pay lots of money.

it was not my project tbh… was giving someone else an idea. and there is money to be made on this project most likely and tons of people like it… so it wasn’t me starting the project but giving someone else an idea.

Sorry but, what in the fuck is a Doctor Who server?

He wants a gamemode based on the T.V show Doctor Who.

I resisted the temptation of using a meme image…

Anyway, to be honest I want to know: WHAT will be the actual gameplay and story mechanic of the gamemode? We need a basic lay down to even consider it.

well you see it’s doctor who, if you have watched the programs then… you will know what I am trying to say, ok here’s how I am thinking it can be changed around though, in this gmod, DW server you can of course be a timelord, or cybermen or even the daleks, as I said if you ever watched it you would know cybermen and daleks are enemy’s of the doctor and they can plan against the doctor trying to defeat him… but I’m not sure if they should be 1 doctor (time lord) as in the series currently there is only 1…, or you can just give everyone the option to be who they want… of course the doctor has a huge advantage (his TARDIS) but that’s the all the fun of it, the daleks of course they will have there area … or even there own planet (if you’re not following the series) as there planet was destroyed same with the timelords, but if you’re not going in that path then each race can have there own planet/area… and of course can plot an attack on the doctor or “timelords” then again depending what you want… 1 timelord, like the current series… or not following that and just having as many as you want… of course it sounds like a big complex idea but it isn’t impossible

So you’ll be the ideas guy right?

Are we talking about the cool as hell 70’s Doctor that knew Martian Karate or the lame ass new ones that don’t use violence because they’re chumps?

Unfortunately, whilst it may seem good on TV, I don’t think it’ll be good at all on Garry’s Mod with those ideas. You need a king of the hill-esque mode in my opinion, as well as something that doesn’t involve 15 players against one-maybe-overpowered player.

You need to elaborate. Remember, not everyone watches Doctor Who (personally I don’t really enjoy it).

AKA: Don’t just use the main plot of a TV series. Branch off a bit and do something that will actually fit with a gamemode.

Already working on something like this :smiley:

You got a good idea so your thinking of a server with the tardis sonic screwdriver and other doctor who monsters or are you thinking of a sandbox with doctor who mods?

Cause i found this fourm looking for a gmod server with the doctor who mods (sandbox).

You’re also mentally retarded and didn’t look at the post date. Please unfind this forum.

You tell me exactly what you want, and I will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be.

Nobody is going to do this for free, and I doubt you’ll get users who randomly fly around in a Tardis.

What about a heavily modified darkrp on a spacebuild map where darleks cybermen humans ect spawn on different planets, and there can be only 1 doctor whitch can select any doctor model and spawn a tardis.

But the queastion is, what would the doctor do? darleks and cybermen have weapons and the doctor does not.

If anyone has a GOOD idea for this i might just do it



Not everything needs to be turned into gmod RP

I was planning on converting Suicide Barrels into a RP experience, are you saying you’d be against this idea?

lol the entire chatlog would be ‘/me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes /me explodes’