Had blue screen of death.

First time on this lap i had blue screen of death, after 9 hour play of rust.

Am I in danger?
By the way, can I increases fps somehow?
I got nothing in background in processes.
I dont have anything on, no mozzila no stuff, just steam and rust.
Settings are all super low (fastest)
I got 9-13fps.

and this is the way I play it.

Laptop 8gbs of ram, dual processor 1.78gbz??
If that’s the specs then no. rust is a unfinished building is not very optimized a laptop is not going to run the game very well.

if you want me to help you more I need specs posted of your machine

I can say that after a few hours of playing, you should shut down and reboot. It helps my machine, hopefully it will help yours.