Had enough of bad admins? Make a change!

Hey guys, I recently setup a new server, forum and mumble. I’m seeking a few people who love to play Rust and would like to help admin and moderate the server. We aren’t looking to build a admin group who runs around killing everyone. We’re looking for mature adults who play, and would like to help admin. If you and some friends are looking for a new server and community please message me on steam. Our server is located on the west coast of the United States.

Steam - lastserenade

If you’re looking to help me admin please contact me. I’m looking for 18years old plus with previous or current admin experience on Rust or other games.

I wish you luck in your endeavour - but I will say two things…

  • People can be any on they want online - recruiting admins like this will bring trolls to screw your server over.
  • Server forums are largely a waste of bandwidth anymore.

Have to agree with Onisan - advertising for admins is probably not the best move. The minute your back is turned, they can destroy your server, even if they only have kick or ban priviledges.

If you find evidence of that activity in your logs later, sure you’ll probably ban them for it, but they’ll just move on, whilst your servers reputation will be in pieces for a long time to come.

Only give admin to people you know personnally, or have known for so long that you really know you can trust and rely on them to back you and your opinions on the server. Anyone else is a liability.

As for server forums… meh, I run some for my server on enjin. To be honest its more of a means of publishing server info and update schedules for regular players than anything else, and is somewhere to hang my clanpay link for people that want to donate. I’d love if it were different, but it’s not.

Every website, twitter account and random person has a forum these days, and you’ll find it very hard to get a new community to develop around using it as much more than a server status page for when they’re offline.

My advice, don’t put too much time into the boards, unless they really take off. Spend the time with your admins, playing the game and just getting to know the players that chose your server, out of the ~10k or so servers in the list, everything else will happen as it happens…

Anyhoos, good luck and remember to have fun :wink:

Thanks for info guys. Love getting information from other server owners.

Make sure you know the person for awhile. Do just hand out admin even if they donate. It’s true they can do serious damage when your not online.

Hey Guys, im playing on this Server:


And i never saw any abuse or something, the Admin isnt even playing! Maybe this server suits you…

Well, i started a server up with my cousin. So if youre interest just shoot me an email or steam message me. I’m looking for a few people to help me run it.

Hey gis me adminz k
I need spawn command too
So I cen spawn all stuff for my fren and we can raid the naeked ppls k will be good yes

Good one. Thats the type of stuff, we are most definitely staying away from.