"Hadukoen!" Pyro taunt killing the Scout.


Nice! Posing is a little stiff though

The posing on Pyro’s leg is really stiff, and he’s doing the hadukoen wrong.(Thats not the hadukoen pose)

The pyro invented a new hadukoen, and how would I unstiffen the legs? I’m not sure how to to be quite honest.

Try emulating that.

try doing a pose that doesnt look like this:


Yes, just don’t hold down shift until it looks okay, you have to put more bend into it, and possibly use a reference image.

Awful fire effect. Use some stock images for fire.

What the fuck is a hadukoen?
I know the thing from Street Fighters but whats a Hadukoen?

its what ryu… one of the characters says when he lets of one of those energy balls HADUKOEN!!

shit nvm -snip-

But really, Pyro needs some legposing.

what the hell does" -snip-" mean?

It means he’s taking away his post to avoid ban or being bitched at.


Only the bottom half is stiff so its like a half erect penis, soggy on the top, hard at the bottom.

That is possibly the most optimistic explanation I have ever read. Now where the hell is Bubz?

Hadouken :eng101:
Also, good posing but looks stiff.