HAI! - Hot Addon Installing

For those who haven’t seen it yet.

It is still in the beta phase so don’t ask for a download yet.
I need to unzip at the right level since some people don’t know howto create proper addons :doh:.

Detailed information will come tomorrow / later.

So you’re killing cloudscript before it’s even released? Can this be done ingame or just in the menu?

Great work, can’t wait to use it.

It’s done in the menu and you’ll have to change/reload the map to make it work, that’s how source works.

HAI! is a partner of Addonissimo :3:


Or I could write some code for you that will execute the addon as if it were loading from the beginning of the map :wink:

I know this sounds stupid, but is there going to be a un-install feature? Now that I think about it its not really necessary but Eh if it is easy to make it could save a couple seconds, and a restart.

That’s not what Cloudscript is.

Cloudscript is part of ToyBox, which will most likely include this feature by default.

No like SteveUK said they’re 2 fundamentally different things. This addon makes installing addons easier by saving the step of restarting Gmod while Toyscript is going to be much more then that. But it won’t allow you to do this.

To be honest, full information hasn’t yet been released of what ToyBox actually is. It may include this, it may not.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

God, Where do you people come up with these Acronym’s! or is it Just a Coincidence?

Other than that, Awesome Good work.

me: Mind if I ask what toybox is?
Garry: addon downloader, manager, cloud scripts

I love it when I’m wrong.

I love it when Quebec is wrong.

Good. Cloudscript is stupid, IMO. Too much effort for something so small.

Ohwell, Garry need some competition I guess :eng101:

Very nice work… this will definitely come in handy.

Lets see if I can work on this today :slight_smile:
Still need to figure a way of unpacking addons which are not properly zipped.

FYI toybox doesn’t use the old addon system. That’s the whole reason I’m coding it. Because the old system (which you’re using) isn’t viable.

So it won’t need map changes and shit?