Haifisch (Shark)

Thread Music because jewtube is gay.

I’m not so great at underwater posing but this song is awesome so it gave me an idea.


I lawled so hard at the shark’s face

The toothless fish is just gonna suck him to death

It’s the water. I probably shouldn’t have posed it underwater. I probably should have just posed it regularly and then edited it.

good idea though

“Simon? Simon?! Feed me, Simon!”

An internet cookie goes to whoever guesses what webcomic this is from. :v:

Simon’s cat

did you add the blur or was the water that blurry?

Whatever map you use doesn’t matter.

Look at shark’s face. :razz:

Is the Edelwiess on his lapel?

It does actually. Construct water uses refracted overlay shaders underwater that HL2 water doesn’t have.

thanks guys

didn’t feel like downloading any other maps

just a little s-dof

really? i didn’t know that. i’ll keep that in mind :v:

I got it from the Garry’s mod web-comic “Scary Game”, but that’s the original, so it works too.