"Hail to the... Me?" Goldie among his loot.

Pic music:

Previos Goldie pic:
as always, ony ingame editing!

Dude that’s epic.

The editing is like pre-sex while the whole picture is like sex

Fucking brilliant.


Another awesome goldie, with another awesome pendulum song

Goldie likes Pendulum.


He freaks me out…

Nice pose, amazing job as usual!

I don’t know why but something with this character I really like.

Tis is his style dewd…

now he’s gonna pimp slap ya!

Dude, hes fucking goldie.
Just his presence pimp slaps everyone.

not a fan of the leg crossing pose but other than that I see it as freakin epic
and yeah I know how hard it is to make a leg crossed

thanks for comments people!

All he needs now is bitches

Very nice my friend.