Hair Growth [Idea]

Just an idea…

I haven’t fully convinced myself with this idea yet, so you guys can decide this for me.

As we all start of bold i was thinking… The longer you survive you start to grow hair (On your head… Not the pubic region…).

So a fresh character is bold and people will see that but also, a character that is seasoned has a full head of hair. This could maybe curb some of the KOS but it also doesn’t tell anyone that this guy is dangerous or not (good or bad) it simply tells us he has survived.

You could also craft a cut throat razor with some metal fragments (blade) and leather (handle) if you wanted to hide that you have survived so long. But maybe this won’t help so much with KOS cause it contradicts my previous point.

I’m not sure. What do you think?

One of our brainstorming ideas was that you’d grow a beard over your lifetime, so you could tell how awesome people was by the length of their beard.

DayZ has a similar idea in mind, I like it.

Ha good idea. Cod has ranks, prestige’s… Which i deem as just a number.

The system is far more organic and natural. Obviously its not something for right now but definitely in the future.

You might start to get seedy naked characters stroking each others beards tho…

i like it, +1

i look forward to strut my stuff in the future, there will be facial hair and the facial hair will be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be really nice.

This is how I measure awesomeness in real life. It just seems right.

I guess I’m not awesome then… can never grow a beard. :frowning:

I wonder how this would effect KOS of newspawns as well. I think many people’s justification for killing newspawns is that they could easily be a guy with a house collecting resources naked, up to his peter in loot. With this, depending on the hair growth rate, perhaps you could tell the difference between someone who respawned 10 minutes ago running home and someone who respawned an hour ago full of potential loot.

sounds like don’t starve.

What about when they bring in female characters?

Their make-up will wear off … pretty scary thought huh?

How about private hair stuff?

Oh dear god lol braided pubes?

I guess their hair would grow, isn’t that kind of easy to figure out?

Exactly. They would also grow beards.

This idea would make for some funny times

Player and his friends
“Yo take a look at Bobs kill, that guy has a 8 foot long beard!”
“I killed a guy who had a beard this long”
“Look at that noob, he just now got stubble”

great idea, and the extra hair will keep you warm, now we just need wooley hats and finger less gloves and a pack of marshmallows =P

Lol “I made these gloves out of the hair from my back and scrotum. Step up, noobs!”

What about Scissors? For those who struggle to obtain Cloth, they could simply grow out their hair, gather it using their Scissors, and then craft some clothes. :downs: