Hair Growth [Idea]

Or use hair from your asscheeks for a sleeping bag!

You don’t need a sleeping bag then, you can sleep on your beard

Beards for men and Bigger boobs for females :wink:

Hey garry,

I only registered to these forums to suggest hair growth and found out someone had already the same idea. I’m a long haired and bearded man and it would be totally awesome if you could grow long hair in the game and decide whether to cut it off with a razor you have to craft or not.
I’m following the dev blog and it’s somehow strange that this is my only suggestion but I guess it’s a good thing :smiley:

Very late necro post, however I agree. There was another thread about beards that was circulating a while ago and I am very much in support of the idea.

If my avatar doesn’t make it clear, I am a big fan of beards. :zoid:

The only reason I’d be opposed this is that I’d want to start with a beard other than that though it’s a fantastic idea.

This ?

You sir, deserve an award

I got a feeling Garry checked this and it’s gonna be added in the devblog :stuck_out_tongue:

jokes aside if he doesn’t really consider this :smiley: I think like someone above said , hair growth would be the most normal way so to say to show the women’s “experience” “time of survival” or however u wish to call it

Sorta like Wilson’s beard from Don’t Starve? Sounds neat!

really long hair? hairy legs? Yikes.

I’d still check they were over sixteen if I were you.

“15’ll get ya 20…16’ll get ya 10…”