Hair Please

You know, having tits is cool and all, but my character kind of looks like an Alien, i have seen some ideas thrown around and the whole “growing hair” thing sounds pretty neat, like you grow your hair and when you die you lose it, you could maybe craft scissors to cut that mop, and beards and stuff so you could look like that Eurovision person. Or maybe even dye your hair with shit you find, anyways, something like this would take a while to implement so for now just up for discussion.

Dye hair with shit? Great idea.

I didn’t mean that literally, I meant like flowers or something.

The whole island is a radioactive wasteland. Radiation tends to utterly destroy all hair follicles, so yeah, no hair.

You got eyebrows already.

i always thought like “what kind of survivor has time to shave the pubic region” srsly, you need to bring hair into the game so it is more realistic jeezus