Hairybastard and Fussy's Posing competition.

Well me and fussy is having a posing competition, only ingame editing and stuff liek dat.



Now you guys vote for the winner.

I’m really not sure.

Hairy’s is a little hectic for my liking, so I’ll go with Fussy’s… but only just.

Not sure what’s happening in Hairybastard’s pic. But he get’s my vote for visuals. Fuzzy’s was nice to though.

If we’re voting purely on posing i choose Fussy.

If we’re voting purely on posing + editing i choose Hairybastard.


I misread title as “Hairybastard and Pussy’s Fosing Competition”.

Reading is for pussies.

I vote for hairy, then.

Gonna throw my honest opinion in here: Hairy’s in game edit, is shit. Total shit at that. The lightning bolts are bad, the red things are just shit (What the fuck are they anyway?) and the energy orbs are the only good thing with his edit.

They are both as confusing as a Mongolian Cluster Fuck.