Hairybastard and Karimatrix meet Seths new lover

Now kari can say he was “Ridden by superman” :v:


Gave me a chuckle.

And so superman raped another criminal…


I smell seaman.

HOW COULD YOU SETH!?.. I mean, yeah this was funny



Who the fuck are these people. I only recognise the green lantern, Old man Flash and super man.

I wonder how DMGania is gonna look like

Who knows but I have a feeling that we are going to see more of them, wether we like it or not…

Also arn’t comics supposed to have layouts as a rule here? Or did I just miss read the big agressive looking thread that said I was fucking blind?

This was a very interesting read indeed…


Since when did Seth become the Green Lantern?

At first I was all: “This isn’t a comic, grrr!” But then the end made me laugh, so I applaud you sir.
Good work.

Why would you be required to have a layout or you’d be banned. That would be pretty much it for the people who don’t know how to make layouts.

People who don’t know can learn, but anyway that was the impresion that I got from this thread.

lol you people take things too seriously. This “comic” wasn’t meant to be a normal comic without a layout plus People who did get the joke GOT the joke so lighten up a bit Oh and the Green Lantern thing if you saw the other thread you’ll get the joke.

I lol’d. Good job as always.