Hairybastard vs. DMGaina - Jill and Barney

So yeah, me and Hairybastard had a small editing competition.
Please tell us which one you like more :smiley:

Original pic by BigBang

Hairy’s edit:

My edit:

Of course, Hairy was an impatient bastard and made already his own thread.

I like Gainas more,.

On hairys the rimlighting kills it.

Definitely yours Gaina, it doesn’t have that weird random light on the right upper corner, and also got a nice background to go with the pic.
So it starts i guess :v:

DMGaina : 2
Hairybastard: 0

DMGaina : 3
Hairybastard : 0

Sorry hairy :3:

DMGaina : 3
Hairybastad : 1

:open_mouth: Hairybastard aint going away without a fight!

Fixed. I go for Gaina.


Can’t decide, both have their flaws, but they look really artistic.

The second one is cool,but I don’t like the zombie behind the stone.
The first one is cool too but is too empty.

Gaina: 5
Hairy: 5

Isn’t it “Barry”?

Gaina’s is way better.

Both look great, but I prefer DMGaina’s.



DM wins by default

DMGaina ftw.

It is, Blame Nexus_Elite and Mjans.

Also: yay me :smiley:

Congratz dmvagaina :v:

k, blames

It’s not a stone, it’s a body :v:

Gaina, that’s some fucking sexy editing. Have a paint.