Hairybastards 4 favorite classes.

That fucking sombrero is like, totally red. anyone know how to fix it? I tried correcting the colors in photoshop to make it look more right but… yeah. Also, this was inspired by Emra.


It’s not just the sombrero…it’s all the hats that are paintable in TF2 that are completely red/blue…

But 2 days ago my sombrero was normal, however the cat in the hat hat was purely one colored… now everything is :expressionless:

By your logic than so should be the Sober Stuntman.

But it isnt.


And the Mann. Co Cap.

I have not tried this but it looks like it may be a fix

I’m not 100% sure

easy fix in the vmt not hard to figure i did it in lik e10 minuts

I love the Soldier’s faceposing (stupid HWM models, how do you work?).
Nothing I can give critique about though, it is flawless. Something you’d expect coming from Valve, but more detailed.