Hairybastards big thread of pics I made over the years.

Here are some of my early pictures, in a random order.
When I used mspaint. (I only got one pic from that tho…)

And now, when I started learning photoshop.
My first edit.

And more of my early edits…

And now some of the more recent edits.

I’ll prolly add even more later on. :smiley:


I thought you already made a compilation thread

He said it was shit so he made another.

Isn’t the latest picture supposed to represent your best (if it’s in order) because the rim lighting sucks

Nah… I just didnt add them all yet


But I suck at rimlighting tho…

Don’t feel bad! It’s difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

That pose is by me. :smiley:

the first one is tah besst

hay i remember this

it was from a scene i cut out of my comic

These gave me a boner. Nice work over time my friend.

Always loved your stuff man

The first one made my eyes bleed. :saddowns:

Half of these i havent seen mjans… what the hell?

But either way nice damn work

Lmfao I remember the one with the H&K 21 spewing out a million shells a second. Ahahah good times.

I laughed on this picture XD

good works but you said “over the years”
but you joined in 08 lol

well on this acc… >.>