HAL: Five Nights At Garry's

Hey all!

For those few who may remember me, it’s been awhile since I made or posted anything.

And for the masses who have never heard of me: Welcome! I hope you stick around.
I have a webstrip that I get back into every now and then (Looking back it’s more like I make them in series as opposed to constantly) made using GMod.
I do not consider myself that great at making them. I still have things to learn in posing and editing, but story-wise (Not so much story as just gags) I think I have come a long way since my first few strips, which were mostly lame/rude/obscure jokes with barely any effort.
The reason I keep coming back is because ultimately I really enjoy making them and trying to make people laugh (Or even just a chuckle is fine by me).

If you would like to leave criticism (And I know there’ll be a lot of it) please let it be constructive, otherwise you’re just wasting your own time. Posts consisting of “It’s crap” or something of the like without any grounds or reason will just be ignored and probably marked negatively by others (From my experience, Facepunch users have for the most part been very supportive and constructive. I have learned more from constructive criticism posted by users on this forum than any other I’ve posted on).

I’ve just noticed that the quality came out poorly for this strip, I apologise.
Also, please do not judge solely on this strip alone. I find the humour is often hit-or-miss.


Darn Mingebags.
Can you really blame Freddy for being terrified of them?

If you’d like to see more content, there’s plenty of it on the website and Facebook. Please Like and Share if you enjoy it. :slight_smile:
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EDIT: As Joazzz rightly said, the comic-to-text ratio is way off, so I’ll post a couple of the last few strips I made last time I popped up on here.
Enjoy! :slight_smile:
(I also see where I went wrong with the size.)


don’t you tell me what to do

how do you know?

also, make the thing bigger, because it’s kinda hard to judge with such a small size (and the OP is now two thirds text), and improve the JPEG quality

Because I welcome criticism as opposed to some people I’ve seen on here who try to break into webcomics, post something and then can’t take constructive criticism and just give up in a rage. I don’t necessarily mean a lot on just this thread, but within the timeframes that I release a few webstrips.
I do honestly just enjoy making something to make people have a laugh, but sadly I’m not at all skilled in editing.

Thanks for the advice though, I will try to fix it next time. As is evident, I’m not even an intermediate user of Photoshop and sadly the touchpad on my laptop doesn’t allow me to do much.
Though the reason for the amount of text in the post is due to re-introduction considering I haven’t been on the board for a long while.
I’m not sure how on earth it turned out at such low quality and I apologise. It may be because I uploaded it to the FB page first and went from there.

Thank you for at least being constructive. :slight_smile:

I actually remember you, somewhat surprisingly. I remember you being around on my very first year in Facepunch, back in 2007. We even talked a couple of times.

I also remember Half-Assed-Life, at least from the revival a year or so ago, but it feels like it hasn’t evolved at all, which is depressing considering you may have been around as long as I have. I don’t even know why you’re still doing that same series, it feels pretty obscure and with no connecting thread - plus, a Facebook page? Apparently broken link, BTW, but I hardly think it warrants one.

As for the newer comic itself, I’ve never played Five Nights at Freddy’s so honestly I can’t comment on the joke - I didn’t even realize it was a reference to that at first, but that’s because I don’t know much about it. It didn’t strike me as funny, but again, I wasn’t aware of the reference, so I can’t blame you. That said, my qualm remains that you’re promoting a series, and even using acronyms and Facebook pages, that is essentially unknown and with installments that are way too standalone. You could benefit from having a proper tone and style throughout them.

I’m sorry if I sound negative, but all the constructive criticism I could give, I’ve been giving you since about 2007 or 2008. At this point, I just accept that it is what it is, somewhat unfortunately. I congratulate you on sticking to comics for so long, but it saddens me that you’re apologizing for them rather than improving with experience.

(Which isn’t to say, mind you, that I got anywhere. I feel like I’ve progressed somewhat, but at best my comics are only a bit less obscure than Half-Assed-Life. It’s more the attempts at making forums and Facebook pages around a series of random comics about whatever is on your head that strike me as trying too hard)

The last one was the funniest one :smiley: