Halarious Admin Stories.

Ever been admin on a server and have a story to tell? Well, here’s one, from when I was admin on [SRG] 24/7 Serious RP:
Now, asking for admin was a permabannable offense (the day the rule was enacted we lost a lot of good men, never forget.), so I was doing my shit in my house next to the yellow warehouse and all of a sudden I get a friend request from someone (name withheld), and I being the person who accepts all friend requests, talked to them for about a week. They were a horrible roleplayer and a bit of a minge, and then 3 days later she told me she was a girl. I said “Ok” because it’s not that big of a deal to me, then she started sending me pictures of her. She was 18/17ish so it was pretty lulz, and then she asked for admin, which lead to this:
Me permabanning her from the server, her raging saying “I SENT U PIX I WANT ADMIN” and me eventually blocking her on steam. Many lulz were had that month.

Oh I have many, there have been some historic minge fails on my server, and that of a friend of mine.

(Both of our servers are very strict build and build combat)

First, trainfail minge: tried to spam razortranes, but was litterally only spawning about 1/0.5 seconds. It was slow as hell.

We’ve also had a few that were convinced that if they god admin in one server they had it everywhere, or just hoped we were stupid enough to belive their threats.

One kid like that on my server; (7 years old, he admitted), had been screeming over his mic in his high squeeky voice, prop pushing, saying words he was far too young to say… etc, so I forced into a chair that hints him on tick, because its a lot more fun then just banning. After a while he started screeming:

My right hand man and I laughed our asses off, after tolling for a while, going along with his story, I said, “you do realize you dont carry your admin right? and that you’ve never had it here?” We got bored if the hint-chair, and switched to my applyAngForce auto turret, which was lightning fast and accurate. At which point he switched to “OMG IMA TELL ADMIN TO BAN YOU FOR ADMIN ABUSE!!!” After another period of loling, I stated “You do realize I own this server right?” He answered: “IMA TELL CHIEF ADMIN AND HE BAN YOUR SERVER FOR ADMIN ABUSE!” We laughed uncontrollably, then banned him.

The scary thing is that is ALL true^^

He could have been trolling, but after hearing his voice, he was NOT trolling about his age.

Well this one time a long time ago, in a far away land of rp_downtown_v2 I was being a hobo and throwing bug bait at an admin for a while, asking for money. Then he gave me money. A lot of it. Only thing I got at the moment.
Wait this is if I was an admin? oh…

i banned a guy for a day and he added me and told me he was a game admin and could ban me from gmod. i extended his ban.

Not related to GMod, but something similar happened to me in an IRC chat. Some guy was being an ass so I kicked him and he re-joined and said “BILL GATES IS MY UNCLE AND HE’LL BAN YOU FROM THE INTERNET”

holy shit that takes some fucking balls. i mean damn.

this one time i joined a darkrp server and said “lol admins a faggot” and i got banned
so halarious.

EDIT: this one time i was an admin on a darkrp server and some fag came in and said “lol admins a faggot” so i banned him
so halarious.

Me and a classmate hosted a server for a couple of weeks, and we met some interesting people.

Our first guest popped in, said “hi” and came to look at what we were doing, like you’d usually expect. He then went away to another corner of the map for a while.
I got suspicious after a while, so I decided to see where he had gone.
I looked up, and saw him speeding against my contraption with a giant penis built from PHX pipes. He rammed into my whatever-it-was (too long ago to remember), and while it was still wreaking havok (ah-ah) going right through it, he said “lol” and left the server, never to be seen again.

Oh, another good one:

Same server, another day.
This minge comes in and starts to spam small props in a corner of gm_construct. We don’t really mind him until he starts to throw them at us.
Luckily, I had just finished my “mingebox 3000” (hoverdrive, target finder, big box), so we turned off his noclip and set it on him. It teleported on top of him and welded itself to the ground. Much lulz were had.

One time I was an admin because I was a good boy then a made a joke about doin whatever I wanted and then I lost it.
admin duration…5 seconds!

One time when I played on Gmod.biz, and had set my job to “Bird”, a admin made a birdcage for me. Couldn’t get out…