Half-Consequences 2: Dinosaur Redux

Half-Consequences 2: Dinosaur Redux is an old comic I made. It was actually made for my schools Young Authors contest. There are many pages, I’ll link to them, each page is pretty big. If I get enough requests I’ll post each image on this OP. So hate it or love it here it is.

TITLE - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Cover-203776126
PAGE ONE - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-One-203776565
PAGE TWO - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-Two-203776701
PAGE THREE - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-Three-203776805
PAGE FOUR - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-Four-204020795
PAGE FIVE - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-Five-204020898
PAGE SIX - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-6-204355774
PAGE SEVEN - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-7-204356027
PAGE EIGHT - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-Eight-204356253
PAGE NINE - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-Nine-204356538
PAGE TEN - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Page-Ten-204356744
ENDING - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Ending-204356940
WALLPAPER (if you are cool) - http://moistcatflaps.deviantart.com/art/Half-Consequences-2-Wallpaper-204020032

Well that’s all of that. Please do not take the comic seriously, it was created just for a school contest.

Why couldn’t you have uploaded it properly,Im not clicking in to each link to read a comic.

Hold on… I’ll fix it for him.

If any of you guys can tell me why pages 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11 don’t want to show up in [ img] tags, please do tell me.

There, I reuploaded the broken ones. You’re welcome.

And by the way, the only reaction I have to this comic is :what:

For future reference: You’re going to want to upload each image to your post, anyway. People here are much too lazy to click links just to view a comic. Also, how old were you when you made this? Because with all of the “so random lol XD” it looks like it was created by a little kid with undeveloped humor and - dare I say it - taste. How did it go in that Young Authors contest you entered it in? I’m just curious.

Wait, I can’t imagine that this comic is that old… It mentioned Black Ops.

I kind of wish you didn’t.

Fix the posing 'till next time man.

It was alright… some grammar errors, and the posing wasn’t too good.