Half-Dead's Awesome HL2 Zombie


A little something i wipped up

Model by S-Low
Everything else by Half-Dead
Yes it’s Hexed





I am speechless, this has just made the zombie mor intimidating, meaning, scarier.

Yes…look at that exploded ribcage.

Kinda been there the whole time…

I realise that smartass, im just admiring the detail.

Fuck yes, amazing.

hey dude… could ya make this like… a sperate NPC…
cuz i got a pretty crappy PC and i still want the choice of having crappy zombies to keep me from laggin…


Very good zombie model. I saultes you! salute

We need this as a Hexed NPC.

Truely awesome!

I’ll do it!

Can I H4lf-D3ad?

I don’t see why not. go for it man

I’m using it, downloading now.

YABBA MAH ICING Thought the mouth was supposed too be covered by the head crab
other than that 5/5

The point of the model was to have the mouth exposed…

I took a look at the files for the hexed one.
There’s a bunch of material sheets that aren’t even needed.
Folder paths are everywhere.
Zombie animations aren’t included in the model.

There’s some more issues but I’m not really worrying about it.
All of those problems are fixed now.
I got it down to 3 .vmt files and 4 .vts files
zombie animations are included in the zombie.mdl

Works fine so far. I’ll work on the other zombie parts aswell.


hmmm, the zombie just doesn’t want to be an NPC
I had to resort to model manipulator and make it an NPC, then it just doesn’t move…

Any others want to try?


These are not called “Legs” they are “Dead pants”

Beutiful. It has more emotion into it and its more scarier. I love it Unhexed to replace the old crappy zombies, along with your fast zombie replacement.
Hey, can you make a poison zombie one also?
Oh btw, you gotta fix an error -
1.Headcrab dosent come off when it dies.
2.When the zombie dies its legs get stuck to the floor makeing it collapse like the WTC
3. In some zombie survival games like Military Coop it T-Bag poses.
4. Only way to show the headcrab is to cut it in half and kill it… D:
Can you fix it? Im not sure about #3 anyways so im okay. Otherwise, very nice details dude!

Ya i’ll make a poison one. sounds like a good idea

  1. I can’t fix that you’ll have to ask S-Low
  2. Does it? that’s strange it doesn’t for me
  3. I’ll look into that and fix it
  4. Again you’ll have to talk to S-Low

More like really bad, sorry.