Half-Dead's Nazi Zombies V.2

Before you bitch about a new thread i made it so that people who DLed v.1 would see V.2

Includes 18 Nazi Zombies. Be sure to get bloocobalt’s too.

L4D2 Team
RnL Team





It’s a zombiepalooza! :v:

It’s Zombiefest!

Oh lawdy there are soooooooo many Gnatsee zombies lately!

Now just left to make a awesome gamemode like in the end of Cod WaW. With being able to upgrade stuff.

omg to many zombies i head going to exploded

i dont think you need to make a new thread for a updated version, but what ever floats your boat

no kiding

Soon I will counter attack with my Zanzibar guards :v:

Why did you need to plug that in here

I don’t wanna sound too cliche here, but does anyone else think they look a bit like the medic?

i waited and year for nazi zombies in gmod now their here,theres so much choice i feel like im in a sweet shop but with zombies.


My boat float’s on rainblows and love :3:

funny, if I just waited a while to do this I wouldn’t have had to have the pain of inflating shit. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=914444

I feel that pain too, bro.

I remember that :v:

I prefer these over bloos, they just look alot more like zombies than his.

Not to say bloo didn’t do a good job, his are very nice too.

All these need are some bodygroups for helmets and gear, and they’d be perfect.

I have both, finally some good zombie stuff.

Thanks :smiley:

I don’t see why some people get butthurt over this release. I know Bloo released he’s first, but this adds more variety to those who have them. Most certainly a worthy release if you ask me, nice job h4lf.