half ife 2 beta leak npcs

guys could you make a pack or one of the cut npcs from half life 2

list of npcs that would be great for you to make so please try

cremator : for this make him use his flamethrower to burn you

combine guard: might seem hard but try so you can make the combine guard shoot at you with his gun

child worker: well just try to make this one

so guys please make these npcs or one of them it would be so great so guys please try

And you didn’t ask for the assassin?!

Pro tip: if you are going to ask for scripted npcs,at least provide the lua coders with models/sounds of what you want us to make and don’t try to make up with an excuse like “go find the models yourself” because you should provide them,this is the lua request section after all,we are not modellers.

Also,the Missing Info mod is still working on the models,and those npcs are hard to make,the only person that is good at making scripted npcs is Silverlan,but he is too busy to even ask him something.

ummmm good point the child worker is mute

cremator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm5GUCuFNR4

combine guard mute

models http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=3238

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guys i want these npcs so ill get wat i have to do and you make them please

How many requests do you need, you should really learn things yourself as well to help us help you help us all :v:

dude some of my requests were stupid i admit but this one i need to be made by someone please

those cut half life 2 beta npcs looked good so i asked if anyone can make some or one

and dude im horrible at making gmod npcs , unless i have to use model manipulater,

This one is also stupid the beta NPCs where done a while ago, they’re in my GMod installation, god damn the Hydra is cool…

but i need the combine guard to use his gun and the cremator to burn stuff and the child worker…ehhh i would say walk around and follow the player

Well tough shit, nobody is going to make these just for you.

You don’t need anything, jeez you’re like a small child who wants his own way, stop making so many requests and stick to one.

I have the Cremator model on my hard drive as a matter of fact, with all the animations from the beta…

really i said just one or more i never said you had to make all of them, and why are you so mean?

if you dont want me to do any more requests someone needs to make a npc of what i requested

so can you please make a cremator npc?

Nobody NEEDS to make an NPC of anything that you request, but because I’m nice, here…


thats only a picture of the cremator i want a download link


This might be a lot more work than you think depending on what the model has available in terms of animations.

you might be right but cant someone try there best to make this

has an animated combine guard, but whenever I upload it, it says that the file was reported. This is really as good as it can get, because porting the model with animations is difficult enough.

You have SVN files in there, they get auto-reported.

well this will do for now

No Sniiper, not “for now” you are just a demanding little shit who won’t even consider learning to model or animate aren’t you?

you are just a troll and this is for now

For the last goddamn time, there is a fucking reason why there’s a request thread.
If he won’t consider modelling and animating and learning lua, then he goes here.

What, you think Garry made a request threads for people to request something and then make it themselves?
So stop bitching about how he won’t make it himself. It’s a goddamn request. It’s not the “ideas” forum.