half life 1 blood mod?

can it be done? really want it for hlS cause the hl2 blood spoils it
also hl1 decals (bullet holes impact on glass ect)

Just convert the files and rename them. And you should probably put this in skin requests.

where do i find the materials form hl1?


and rename to what? also can a mod move this to skin requests?

I did it before, it looked like ass and there was some weird edges on the decals.
Some of them didn’t even work at all. just a black square showed up.

it just spoils the hl1 experience in hlS because of the blood decals and the impact decals
and decals on wood
shit sucks

Heh, thats funny. I wanted the exact opposite of you.
I wanted to make HL:S look better by making an HD mod for it.