Half-Life 1 Campaign

[release]Introducing GMod’s first HL1 Co-op campaign.

This started when I got Silverlan’s HL1 Renaissance pack v1 (beautiful pack, by the way, but v2 is better). I noticed a barely functional “Half-Life” gamemode in there that worked for the first 4 or so levels and checked it out; it sucked. So anyways, I decided to code a more functional one using my own SENTs, SWEPs and SNPCs, as well as garry’s recently added HL1:S NPCs.[/release]

[release]Progress: 65%[/release]

[release]Necessary Resources:

[release]What makes this different?

Well, for one, in GMod, this has never been done before so obviously it’s worth doing. The closest thing to this is AMT’s Half-Life 2 Campaign gamemode, which has no HL1 support at all (as a HL1 campaign gamemode would take ages :v:)[/release]

[release]Why don’t I use Sven Co-op?

Sven is nice and all, but a bit… well, unlike HL1. They use new models and new textures, rarely play on Half-Life maps - and when they do, they add all kinds of new NPCs I never saw in HL1. HL1:C will be completely like the original, but with damage multipliers based on amount of people joined (so that it’s just as challenging). Finally, you only have to mount HL1:S for this rather than downloading 160MB of co-op maps.[/release]

[release]What are the mechanics?

Basically, everything’s saved as well as I can have it saved. Your position and angles as well as health, armor, weapons and ammo are saved. For weapons, you only get what you pick up. For example, if player A picks up a crowbar and player B picks up a pistol, player B only has a pistol and no crowbar. If a new player joins, and the map is past the crowbar-pickup level (or it IS the pickup level and there is no crowbar), that player gets a crowbar - same with the pistol and MP5. But, again, anything other than that (‘specialized’ weapons) is for the person who picked it up only (ie, gauss gun, gluon gun, RPG, crossbow etc). PvP damage is off permanently to avoid grief.

If a new player joins, he is sent to a random alive person’s position. Note that players will not collide so getting stuck is not a problem.

Death means that you get 1/2 of your health from when the level loaded, with a minimum of 10. You get no armor.

As much of Half-Life 1 as possible will be coded - that is to say, I’ll be doing stuff like mimicking HL1 source code for the apache, or remaking the HL1 HUD in Gmod.[/release]


See my YouTube channel for videos


Updates are going to be posted here.

Nice :v:

Looks nice!! But be sure to check this out aswell!

Added a couple pics.

Are thoose working npcs as it is in hl1 or are they just npcs that you spawned from menu?

Or did you just take pics from HL1 with high def mod.


Working pics

You should try to remake the HL1 hud.

This will be fucken awesome coop.

I could, but there’s not much of a difference between HL2 and HL1’s HUD. Though I will if I get bored.

Excellent news, and I really enjoyed your “Cube” gamemode, so I’m looking forward to this!

One fatal flaw AMT’s HL2 Campaign had that was requested over and over was there’s no good way in it to allow players to use custom SWEPs and SENTs. It was a sorely missing feature.
I’m not referring in your case to the HL1 weapons/entities here, those are a given - I feel a “cheat” mode where players (or just the host/admin) can spawn any SWEP or SENT installed would be awesome for those “taking on the Military with my Laser Nonce!” messing around sessions. :smiley:

That’s awesome, and a feature missing from a LOT of co-op games - it’s quite annoying to have collected a secret weapon pickup only to have it stripped from you on a mapchange because “the average loadout for the next map doesn’t expect you to have it” and/or mapchange = instant resupply (or desupply if you already had a lot of ammo) and/or heal (or armor stripping).
Only flaw I could see is handling player deaths. You can’t fairly respawn them with no equipment, but respawning them with previous weapons allows for abuse of ammo loadouts - drop all your stuff, die, respawn with a 2nd copy of all your stuff, collect.
Difficult to manage, I’ll think about a good solution to suggest. :smiley:

You don’t drop weapons/ammo when you die

Thanks for the input though.

Working on the osprey now; having issues.


As you can see, it likes doing flips.

Flight school woo


Safe from multiple osprey crashes for the time being :downs:

Im waiting for a gamemode (never going to happen) where you can play on the same server, talk to people on the same server, but be in entirely different load points (eg one person on the last level and on at the start.)

Good luck with that in GMod

There’s already a thing like that for SourceMod, cross-server chat. I’ve seen it on some TF2 servers, so I guess it’d work for Garry’s Mod too.

Don’t know the name of the plugin though.

He means two maps on the same server

Looks like I have to get half life source now.