Half-Life 1 Campaign

Yes, but can’t that be made by using the SourceMod plugin, and 2 servers?
Then some other Source-Addon that I can’t remember the name of, It changes entities anyways.
And instead of using a changelevel trigger, it uses a "connect serverip " trigger?

So that you swap between the 2 servers when you change map, but you still can chat with eachother on another map.

Also, using that method you would need to send the chat messages from server #1 to server #2 and from server #2 to server #1.

Doesn’t sound Impossible :3


Finished the blast pit section, minus the tentacles (going to be in HL:RR though).

OK! Making a ton of progress, despite me being sidetracked for the Fretta contest. Just finished the Gonarch AI nodes.

Note that this is before I made it so they only progress when she’s damaged.

It was silverlan who did the hl1:R

This is a bit old…

ACK! Fixed!

Will be fun killing that thing in Coop! Nice work.

A friend and myself decided to play through some of the earlier levels quite some time ago. I just found the vids today.


Ignore my :downs: voice

level 2

hl2 zombie: dont worry im here to hel- oh my god! quick i need my shotgun

haha, i should upload the rest of those

Ported directly from HL1’s source.

Fixed now, and it looks amazing. Now just to get in weapons.

Looks good until it smacks into the cliffs, of course.

Indeed. My flying vehicle physics seems to be a bit off.

That pilot needs to be fired.

And I need to make those phymodels you asked for.

Take your time :v:

i agree 100% on the driver part


he was flying upside down into a canyon wall

This is what happens if you teamkill Disseminate during testing.

kickid 1

It’s been awhile, but I’m going to start working on this again. I updated the OP extensively - the media is now obsolete.


Please note that the media was using Silverlan’s HL1 NPCs/SWEPs/etc - mine will no longer be using it