Half-life 1 mapping question

Could anyone tell me how to get the HL1 / GoldSrc version of hammer working? Most of the resources I’ve found are old sites with half the download links dead. In the past, my previous attempts ended in the maps being unable to compile for reasons unknown so if anyone has their version up and running, I’d really love to know how you got it fully functional.
If anyone has a good guide or tutorial otherwise, I’d really appreciate it.

What Windows version are you using? Is your graphics card ATI?

I am using Windows 7 64 bits, and yes I am using ATI.

Then you might run into some troubles. Can you actually get the hammer editor open or is that the problem?

The HL1 version of hammer?
Yeah it’s running alright. I don’t have any of the .fgd files or anything because the site that had it was down. Last time I tried it, only the compile didn’t work. Not sure how it will work now because I don’t have the files.

Is this what you’re after?

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Also since you’re using W7 / ATI you might run into problems with the 3D viewport not letting you select anything, so try this: http://twhl.info/wiki.php?id=1072

Actually, it seems that I can run it without any problems. I’m going to attempt to compile a basic map and post results.

With any luck, this all turns out happy and dandy.

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Alright, everything thinks seems to be working, only I cannot lay the maps. They compile fine, but HL1 just goes to the menu. Typing “map (mapname)” in console doesn’t help as it cannot seem to find the map, even though the .bsp is saved in the map folder.