Half Life 1 maps for Gmod?

Does anyone know if someone has ported the half life 1 maps to work for Gmod? It’d be useful for machinima and general fucking around.

Buy Half-Life: Source

Ah piss, I knew I should’ve gotten source instead of the older one.

Still though. Anyone?

Yes. Valve did.

You’re about as helpful as the steam forums.

I’ll take this as a no then.

but valve did

Wow guys hes asking a simple question, and your just stating that half life source has half life one maps in it, he wants a map made for gmod that mimics the design of a half life 1 map. The answer is probably yes, let me see if I can come up with anything.


At the same time though, half life source is really cool and you should look into it. Once you get it, it shows up on your garrys mod maps list.

You misinterpreted his question. He was asking if anyone had converted the actual maps to the source engine, and the answer is yes, valve did.

As far as I know (apart from Black Mesa: Source which isn’t out and won’t be for a while) only valve have ported the maps.

BM:S didn’t port the maps at all. Their maps are all designed from scratch, I think.

No, the original is still far superior to the source version.

It’s not like you can’t have both.
The original is still good to have for the mods.

The best thing about about hl source is the ragdoll physics. I would’ve bought that one first.

Hl1 had mods though, like svencoop


…unless he wants the maps

Well, ironically, after asking my friend if there were any places to download the Half Life 1 maps, he randomly gifted me HL1 source.

What a swell guy. Thanks for the help anyway guys.

Well, that’s about all it’ll come with thats useful. There are no NPCs, there isn’t a default spawnlist, and no weapons. Oh yeah, the maps dont work well either. Half the objects are invisible, there are no tiggers.

Unless you get Half Life: Rennisance: Reconstructed.

But I wish I bought the original Half Life instead of source. I can’t run any good classic mods like Afraid of Monsters DC. Nobody feels like modding for HL:S. So unless you are intent on getting HL:R:R, there’s not much point.

Oops, pointless bump.