Half Life 1 maps?

Would you guys like me to recreate some of the Half Life 1 maps, including multiplayer, for garrysmod?

They would retain their style with some fixes. I can’t promise some NPCs though.

If yes, list some of the ones you would like the most, can be from any hl1 game. This means hl1, blue shift, opposing force, deathmatch…

Wait for Black Mesa, you will then get your levels.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Then you might want to elaborate on what you DO mean because i honestly can’t see the difference either.

Black Mesa =/= Recreating HL1 maps

Yes, Black Mesa is a mod recreating HL1 in source so why not?

Hes going to make the map, and he wants to know which ones people want.

remake the one with the 3 headed beast where you have to turn on the gas and electric.

I am basically converting some hl1 maps to work with garry’s mod, I’m going to keep their original look, but fix some things up.

I can try to remake that level, the only problem is that there is no 3 headed beast npc that I can use.

Make one.

That is a lot easier said then done.

Exactly, I would have to model them with no previous knowledge of modeling, and script the AI without any npc type coding experience.

Then now you have a goal. If you could pull it off, think how much better you would be.

Steal them from Half-Life Deathmatch: Source then retexture them. :v:

Though the decompile process can be a little harse.

WHOa no

I’m not going to attempt that map yet, is there any other good maps you guys want, maybe ones from deathmatch?

The opening sequence

Need more info.

You can mount hl:s why remake the levels and keep the original look ?

This is true, unless he means remaking them for Half-Life 2, with custom textures which look very similar to the Half-Life 1 textures.