Half life 1 modeling

Hi there me and my friend are making a game with GoldSource engine and we need custom models(weapon models).Our game is a half-life 1 mod.We are looking for weapon and character models.Weapon models need to be animated,while charcter models do not need to.Mail me on:nikolacekic2002@gmail.com or send me a message on facepuch.Thanks,cheers!!!

Probably not the best way to make a first appearance just asking for models to be handed over.

Instead of just slapping together a bunch of mismatched models into a mod, perhaps I can dump some resources so you can make your own. Seeing as you are going for GoldSource you can go real low poly which isn’t too difficult to model for a beginner.

Heres a page for mdl compiling with blender:

For a start to finish playermodel in milkshape3D:

Full list of goldsrc QC commands:

My old list of goldsrc resources:

In a few weeks I will be releasing a video tutorial series on GoldSrc model compiling that covers both milkshape and 3dsmax, and will be posting it here or in the video section.

Good luck.