Half-Life 1: Source Hammer .fgd file?

Is there a .fgd file for Half-Life 1: Source that contains all the entities (NPCs/monsters, weapons, items, etc) anywhere that I could import into Hammer to make maps for Half-Life 1: Source?

I’ve been looking in the main Steam directory for the .fgd file I’m looking for but I only see the ones for the most current Source engine games. (HL2, TF2, etc)

No, There was a different version of hammer i think, That you cant get to any more

He was talking about Half-Life: Source, which uses the HL2 version of Hammer.

The original Half-Life was made in WorldCraft.

Ah, So there is a difference…

Extract the HL:S materials and models to your episode 2 folder and mount the HL:S .fgd - that’s what contains the entities.

Lol, you didn’t understand my original post I see; what I meant is that I have no idea where the HLS fgd file is located.

Yer, I just realised that as I clicked on the thread again.

My apologies.

I think the .fgd isn’t vital to actually playing the game, it only contains the names of the entities and keyvalues of them thus may not actually exist.

You need to have run HL:S at least once for the .fgd to be created, I think.

If you have and it hasn’t the game must not be programmed to create it automatically. If that’s the case, my only suggestion is to extract the models and materials then simply guess the entity names and keyvalues. It should only be the NPC names you’ll have to guess though, as all the source engine features such as func_door and light_environment will still be there.

I know that the .fgd isn’t vital to playing the game, all I want is to use it in Hammer to have access to HL:Source’s NPCs.

I have run the game “atleast once”, but theres no .fgd. But the problem with guessing the names of the NPCs is that I won’t be able to edit their key values and such in Hammer and will only be able to place NPCs that just run by their normal procedures and not for example a scripted sequence.

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And I now why you need the .fgd, I’m saying it may not exist.

Well looky here what I found after getting the idea to look on Valve’s Developer Wiki: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Half-Life_Source.fgd

Enjoy, for anyone else who might have been looking for it.

I want to create a monster_barney- Oh wait, I don’t have the FDG! D:

Yes, there is a difference between two different game engines.