Half Life 2 assets/npcs not functioning properly (HL2 DOWNLOADED)

Half Life 2 assets/npcs not functioning properly (HL2 DOWNLOADED).

I’m not sure why, it was seriously a random event. I didn’t add any new sweps or game content. All of a sudden Half Life 2 content such as zombies are invisible (sometimes error models) and the map listings missing. The game is installed in my steam library and ticked in the gmod game content menu.

I’m racking my brains trying to figure out what it could be. Any help appreciated, I hope it’s something simple because I feel stupid as it is.

Thanks in advance.

Try opting into the beta in the properties. Valve’s Steampipe is causing a bit of a hiccup with Gmod’s mounting.

Ok I’ll give it a shot thanks.

Ahh still no luck.

You probably need to run it once, once it’s been converted to Steampipe