Half-Life 2 Beta: Cremator V2


So, I am back, with a ALL NEW model, With ALL NEW features.

It is the Cremator.

-Animations work on NPCs!
-More flexible physics model!
-Phong for shinyness!
-A model with a gun and one without!

Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=126823

Hope you’re ready for an ALL NEW chance to get out

And why?

The model is virtually useless on its own and now you’ve gone and coated it in vaseline like that increases its quality

You are also downright convinced that angrypepper’s fecal matter is God’s gift to mankind

I respect that you’re trying to contribute and all but there are much better things you could be doing than the 20th redundant Cremator model

Ha ha, no.

How is it useless?

And, no I was not, I wanted you people to leave him ALONE.


It’s useless because there are a bunch of others just like it and with less stupid looking phong shaders. I’ve seen several cremator models with original animations, it’s not really anything special.

And where? All I see are playermodels.

One of the earliest releases of missing information had one.

what the fuck

Wow. That VMT sucks. Really. Too much phong.

That’s what I got when I put the Portal 2 turret phong.

Should I release a version without the phong?

Or at least a texture fix?

How could you ever possibly think that amount of phong looks good

The only difference between this and the first Missing Information cremator is that this has the gun removed, you could’ve at least tried to make the rigging less shitty.

also the face texture is broken


You noticed that I ported it from the Beta, right? FULLY ported?

And, the face is supposed to look like that.

No, the face isn’t supposed to have broken UVmaps.

And the MI team “FULLY ported” their cremator too, that doesn’t make yours any better than theirs or any other existing models.

It was broken in the beta.

whats the “-and MORE!” mean in the description? shouldn’t you just list what those are?

Yeah, That’s because it’s still using the leak envmap texture which is still in retail Hl2 instead of the map’s env_cubemap texture.

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Like, the leak Envmap texture is just a picture of a chrome ball, Whereas actual envmaps are compiled with the map. So essentially the envmap for that is just a picture of a chrome ball. Change the envemap path you tit.

	// Original shader: VertexLitSelfIlluminatedTexture
	"$basetexture" "models\hl2beta\cremator\face"
	"$selfillum" 1
	$phong 1
	$phongexponent 50
	$phongfresnelranges "[5 1 2]"
	$phongboost ".6"
	$basemapalphaphongmask 1

This is the .VMT for that part.

There’s no envmap, the UV is just plain broken.

Quit trying to be a smartass.

	// Original shader: VertexLitSelfIlluminatedTexture
	"$basetexture" "models/Cremator/face"
	"$selfillum" 1

Original .vmt from the Leak, no phong, envmaps or bumpmaps.

Alright excuse me, i was wrong. don’t call me a smartass. I’ve had identical problems to what i’ve described about with leak textures before.