Half-Life 2 beta maps in gmod?

Hey guys, been a member for a while just havn’t posted much, even though I’ve owned gmod for years, but anyway… I have the half life 2 beta maps, right? and I wanted to use them in garry’s mod, but for some reason, whenever I click the map in the play singleplayer option in garrys mod, it won’t load it, there’s no errors or anything, but it just won’t open that map. They’re still bsp’s so why wouldn’t this work? let me know, thanks guys :slight_smile:

They’re not the same version as the non-beta HL2. That would be like trying to use Half Life 1 BSPs and wondering why it doesn’t work…

Ok, thanks, I just checked it, is there anyway I could decompile them from version 18 map files and re save them/update them as version 20 ( the current ones)

Using a program called Vmex you can yes, not recommended though as it will fuck up brushwork.

I dont think vmex worked on version 18 maps

He might as well give it a go even though I highly discourage decompiling maps.

decompiling maps will have some side-effects most of the time.
It may delete a brush or two, etc

Even if you decompile beta maps you will need to delete some of the older entitles and i believe some of the textures will need converts.

hmm, just tried vmex, it can’t decomp the beta maps, oh well, I’ll just stick to using them in the beta instead of gmod, would have been interesting though.