Half-Life 2 Beta - Weather Control WIP concept

I saw the “Weather Control Vignette” in Half-Life 2: Raising the bar, and decided I could try and make the Weather Control, as no known maps\content for it exist in the Half-Life 2 Leak.
Here’s what I got so far:





It’s based on the map demo_arctic, with the Borealis removed, and the Weather Control added. If anybody wants to help me develop this map, or want a download, leave a comment.

"Weather Control Vignette"

Wiki page about the Weather Control.

Imgur Album of images of the weather control (not by me)

You can make nicer domes using the tool Twister if you want :slight_smile:

I actually did use Twister, but I guess the dome is bit too jagged.

Looking good so far, but I can’t help but think it looks a bit too ‘beta-y’. You should probably make the domes a little bigger, perhaps something like an arctic eden-project?

And I’d probably make that arctic a bit more rough and dangerous, maybe take inspirations from google?

I was planning on making a separate map with more space to build this in, and what do you mean too ‘beta-y’?

It looks like its been made by brushes, you can tell because you can see the edges, vertices and the texture gets applied in a really ugly/fractured manner.

If I were you I would first bump up and polygons, make it smoother, then export as a model, then import said model into mudbox (free trial if you say you’re a student) then paint a texture on, it will look seemless and much nicer. You could also go advanced and make it a neato normal map.

When I read that vignette I pictured the dome being much wider and covered with the small dishes so it’s more of a radial array of concentric circles of dishes, rather than just a couple. That’d make more sense for targeted ‘weather control’. I’d also have a lot more red antennae. When I say the dome should be much wider, I mean how you would think a polar single-node structure designed to affect an entire planet would look. Absolutely massive. Extending into the skybox massive. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be tall, just wide on its X and Y axes.

I’ll take this into account, but I may have to move it on to a new map to have enough space to build it like that.

Mind you, it is WIP

I’d absolutely LOVE a download! Playing this map on G-Mod would be EPIC! Awesome job!

i think its for inscolence, no download man :frowning: