Half-Life 2: Blaxploitation edition!


Original here

I love it!

He reminds me of black dynamite.

A Ph.D in Streetsmarts and spinning rims.

That’s why I threw in the nun-chucks :smiley:

I noticed that as well, inspired by it maybe?

I giggled lots.

I :love: this

Also, I implore somebody make this into a Freeman headhack.


Funny or Artistic?

This is awesome!

i never knew black brothers had bowl cuts.

More of a mini-fro, blame the person who made the model

White man’s citadel, Black man’s law.
anyone get the reference?

Boss Nigger, he’s black, he’s boss. He’s got PhD.


The picture has AA issues and the text is low res. :haw:

I constantly alternate between playing online and offline, sometimes these things slip my mind. And I always notice it after I’ve takes the screenshot.

As for the text, I tried using genuine Blaxploitation posters as a reference, but they get too elaborate for my weak editing skills, so I just did a haphazard copy of the Black Dynamite logo:


Also, not the similarity between this and Freeman’s pose. :smiley: