Half Life 2 Campaign Server

Im starting a half-life 2 campaign server. Could someone point me out a good gamemode for this type of server (needs to be able to spawn vechiles that are needed)? Also, for some reason on my server I dont see the campaign maps but I can see episode one and two maps. Im using a server provider so does this mean they dont have them? If so will they be able to install them? Or can I upload them from somewhere?

There is a gamemode out there which lets you play Half Life 2 in Gmod as a campaign, i’ll try find it for you in a moment. As for the maps, ask the server provider if they can install the maps. If not you’re going to need to upload them yourself.

Thanks man, If I were to need to upload those where would I find em? Where in my folders or on the web? Ive been looking for them for awhile.

You will need to upload them form your pc (assuming you have all the half life’s), they can be found in your steamapps folder in the half life 2 GCF’s. You will want all the models, sounds, maps and textures from half life 2 for it to work properly. To upload it, can you access your servers FTP?

Yes, I’ve been uploading some mods for people to mess with while were waiting for the maps. But where would the maps be folderwise? As in a need a map to em lol (sorry). And while uploading them I would just do the normal move and replace for the model sounds maps and textures correct? Note: I have all the HL’s.

Edit: When I go to steamapps > username > halflife 2 > hl2 > maps, I only see graphs and soundcache.

I’m not dissing Garry’s Mod or anything–I love it. It was the best 10 bucks I’ve ever spent, but why not just use Synergy?
Just a suggestion.

Could someone help me out?


First of all, do you know what Synergy is?
I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain it here, so I’ll just leave it. I mean, this is a Garry’s Mod forum anyway, so what’s the use?
But I will give you the link to synergy: http://synergymod.net/
And the command to get it for your srcds: -command update -game synergy -dir C:\srcds

He wanted help with gmod not shitergy.

get obsidian conflict instead
we even have our own FP server :c00lbert:
anyway there should be a hl2 campaign gamemode floating around facepunch

or just start the server with a hl2 map, if hosting the server from your pc, and have some addon mod or something that restricts normal gmod gameplay from players, like q menu and such.


Theres the campaign addon